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Invitation to Kłodzko

Kłodzko has the perfect communication position, centrally in the Valley of Kłodzko, in the neighbourhood of well-known health resorts, excursion terrains, touristic attractionsand the Polish-Czech borderland. One's unique character Kłodzko owes unusually stormy and fascinating over 1000 - years history. The numerous relics of architecture define the climate of city - former inhabitnts' historical property as well as cultural heritage.

Kłodzko is the perfect excursion base for tourists trawerse nearby mountain routes. Rocky areas and beautiful sceneries stretching from mountain tops are the best place for desirous people who want to detach for a moment from municipal turmoil and hurry.

The Land of Kłodzko is an ideal place for those who like silence and intercourse with nature.  To birds' lovers and music lovers we propose excursions with binoculars in vicinity of fast mountain streams where their nests have the numerous species of best bird's singers'.The followers of angling will not bore also. Near Kłodzko there are many vivid fisheries. In local rivers and bright streams swim rare fish species. The land of Kłodzko is called "Trout land”, and the royal trout is a regional dish.

Kłodzko and neighbourhood offer lots of attraction for people who like actively spend their free time. In summer you can go for the mountain-climbing in or rest in the saddle. The net of paths and bicycle routes is very good developed. In winter you can run on ski slopes in Zieleniec, Jamrozowa Polana or Czarna Góra. The Table Mountains is the attractive terrain for lovers of gear skiing. Very good provided routes for gear round Szczeliniec Wielki assure active rest and exquisite winter panoramas.

From Kłodzko is close to health resorts, which climate and unrestricted possibilities of relaxation guarantee a relaxing atmosphere. Health resorts pulsate of life during the whole year and numerous restaurants, cosy little cafes and pubs create a sociable excellent climate to meetings.

The reasons for which it is worth to arrive to Kłodzko is so many. Kłodzko is a really magic place, the town of many secrets which you can discover and which you never forget. We invite you therefore to Kłodzko because

from here it is closer everywhere!

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Pl. B.Chrobrego1
tel. +48 074 865 46 00
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E-mail: umklod@um.klodzko.pl

NIP: 883-10-06-050

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